Sofitec, Tier2 technology integrator for advanced manufacturing

16 of December 2020

The company has available, since the first quarter of 2020, 11,000 sqm of new technological facilities for carrying out surface and heat treatments, automated painting, stretch forming and advanced sheet metal manufacturing.

This capacity, together with its already wide portfolio of services in composites and metallic manufacturing, and assembly of aerostructures; allows Sofitec to position itself as a leading multi-technology aeronautical manufacturer in Europe.

Sofitec expands the current catalog of metallic surface treatments for elementals with boric-sulphuric, phosphoric-sulphuric and tartaric-sulphuric acid anodizing, sol-gel, chemical conversión coating, penetrant testing, pickling and cleaning processes for aluminum and titanium alloys. These are carried out in a high capacity automated line for the processing up to 6 m. parts, connected by automatic transfer with the new robotic painting line with a clean room for metal bonding products. Thanks to Sofitec's own production control system, the installation allows a lean programming of treatments, maintaining strict quality control during the processes.

In the other hand, the new Sofitec facilities have an important sheet metal manufacturing tech expansion, such as the stretch-forming machine, which is especially suitable for cold plastic deformation processes. This shaping makes possible to apply simple and complex curvatures in addition to non-uniform geometries.

In addition, we have recently installed a 5X continuous gantry milling machine, which is exclusively dedicated to complex sheet metal manufacturing. Among its features, we highlight the capacity to have up to 2m of useful height in the Z axis, with an accuracy of 0.03 mm. throughout the working field. The CMI has two 10x3.6 m. loading and working areas and a vacuum clamping system that guarantees in all cases the safety of the piece's grip on the tool, even in a general supply cut of the entire installation.

This new technological investment, added to the one already available since the transfer in 2016 to Carmona's facilities, contributes to strengthen the competitiveness of the company in a particularly complex moment for the sector. Sofitec continues its commitment to offer its customers, Tier 1 and OEMs, advanced multi-technology solutions in composite, metallic and mixed materials with the aim of improving quality and efficiency throughout the value chain.