Sofitec completes the Torsion Box Demostrators for the INNOHYBOX R+D project

03 of December 2020

INNOHYBOX is an R+D+i project within the CleanSky2 framework...

INNOHYBOX is an R+D+i project within the CleanSky2 framework that seeks innovative solutions to combat adverse thermo-mechanical effects, such as thermal fatigue and/or crack propagation, in metal ribs or wing torsion box attachments in an aerostructure. In addition, the project partners seek to develop an in-depth understanding of the thermo-mechanical behavior of a hybrid torsion box, manufactured with composite panels that include metal ribs and hardware.

The project has been divided into three phases in order to:
1. Characterize the behavior of the torsion box
2. Production of specimens and representative geometries
3. Manufacture of torsion box as final demonstrator.

Sofitec has been in charge of the manufacture and assembly of all the necessary elements for the achievement of the three phases mentioned above, having been necessary the final characterization of the material in order to define the thermo-mechanical properties that will serve as input for the modeling of the thermal behavior of hybrid structures. As shown in the image, the demonstrator set, of dimensions 1500 x 1000 x 350 mm., is composed of elementals developed in carbon fiber, aluminum and titanium.

The consortium of the INNOHYBOX project is formed by Eurecat, responsible for the design of the geometry of the elementals, the University of Girona, focused on the testing of components, and Sofitec, responsible for manufacturing and end-user of the technological improvements.

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