Sofitec receives advanced training in RTM

12 of June 2019

The process of transmission of knowledge by the Eurecat Technology Center to the Sofitec team has begun.

Sofitec participates since 2017 in the NEO-TOOLS AERO R+D+i project, financed by CDTI through the R&D projects and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).

Oriented to the development of tooling technologies through additive manufacturing, the project is in its final phase and, as part of it, the process of transmission of knowledge by the Eurecat Technology Center to the Sofitec team has begun.

For 27 months, our company has relied on this technology center to address research activities, mainly those related to RTM technology (resin transfer molding) for composites manufacturing.

In this final phase of the project, several partners in the areas of R&D, Tools and Cleanroom of Sofitec have received specialized training in this technology, one of the leading techniques in manufacturing composite materials

Thanks to the activity developed in the research consortium, our team now has the capacity to carry out these processes, which will undoubtedly allow us to respond to the new requirements of the aeronautical industry.